Training and Education

Old Machar Medical Practice is committed to the development of General Practice and as such has developed an active interest in medical, nursing and allied professional education. As a result we are involved in the teaching of multiple learners who wish to progress in primary care.  Some examples of our teaching include:

GP Specialty Trainees -  qualified doctors who have spent a number of years working in hospitals who wish to become General Practitioners have to undertake 18 months training in an approved practice under the supervision of an approved GP Trainer. The Old Machar Medical Practice has been a training practice since 2002. 

Medical students  - recently the emphasis for undergraduate medical education has moved more from hospitals to Primary Care. Medical Students from Aberdeen University from 4th year onwards are taught in the Old Machar Medical Practice where they experience all areas of Primary Care. 

Advanced Practitioner Training - The role of the Advanced Practitioner is relatively new to the UK, its origins being established in the USA, where Advanced Practitioners have contributed to patient care since the 1970’s. Advanced Practitioners are experienced Registered Nurses, Registered paramedics, or Registered Pharmacists who have undertaken further training to develop skills and knowledge. They provide an extended service that incorporates aspects of care that may previously have been provided by a Doctor, such as physical examination and diagnosing and treating common health problems. 

Nursing students - community and practice nursing has for long periods of time been part of the nursing curriculum.  Nursing students from Robert Gordon's University are taught in the Old Machar Medical Practice where they have attachments with our Practice Nurses, District Nurses, and Health Visiting teams 

Video sessions - we do on occasion use video recording equipment in consultation as part of the teaching process; patient consent for this will always be requested beforehand.  

It is hoped that all patients will assist with these educational initiatives but if you wish to see the doctor alone please do not hesitate to ask for the student to leave or the video camera to be switched off. 


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