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Nurses Appointments

Nursing staff are present in the practice Monday to Friday and, as with Doctors appointments, all patients are seen by appointment only.   We provide a wide variety of specialist clinics as well as appointments for routine nursing matters.  Should you qualify to attend one of our specialist review clinics please do not hesitate to contact our reception for an appointment.  Alternatively any of our doctors will happily advise as to your suitability to attend any of our specialist clinics.

Should you require nursing advice only, please ask one of our reception staff to relay your query to the nurses who will call you back at a convenient time.

Practice Nurse Appointments:

For routine nursing matters including: suture removal, cervical smears, dressing of wounds, blood pressure estimation, blood tests, general health advice, etc.

King Street

Jesmond Drive

Varied times at both surgeries. Please note that the practice now provides extended hours nursing appointments at both the King Street and Jesmond Drive Surgeries on a Monday evening

King Street

Jesmond Drive

Wednesday 13:30-16:30

Tuesday 13:30-16:30

Thursday 13:30-16:30

Antenatal Clinics:

Run by our community midwifery staff, here we provide routine care to our pregnant patients.

King Street

Jesmond Drive

Monday pm - Child Health Clinic - No appointments necessary

Monday am - Reviews/Immunisations - Appointments Only

Tuesday pm - Assessments/Immunisations - Appointments Only

Tuesday am - Assessments/Immunisations - Appointments Only

Tuesday pm - Assessments/Immunisations - Appointments Only

Wednesday - No clinics

Wednesday - No Clinics

Thursday am - Reviews/Immunisations - Appointments Only

Thursday am - Reviews/Immunisations - Appointments Only

Thursday pm - Child Health Clinic - No appointments necessary

Friday - No Clinics

Friday - No Clinics

Baby Clinics:

Run by our Health Visitor Team we provide a drop in service at the well baby clinic for the review of baby's/young children. Here we provide weighing facilities and a time to ask any general questions of the health visitors relating to the health of your child.

Run by our Health Visitor Team, we provide routine checkups for children aged 8 weeks, 8 months, and pre-school age.  In conjunction with a GP, assessments are made to ensure the child is developing normally.  In addition routine childhood vaccinations are performed during these clinics.

Jesmond Drive

Wednesday 08:30-12:00

Friday 14:00-16:30

Cryotherapy Clinics:

Cryotherapy clinics are now run on an occasional basis when sufficient numbers of patients require treatment. Please discuss this with your doctor.

NB: All appointment schedules are subject to change at short notice depending on need and nurse availability.
Chronic Disease Management Clinics - Asthma, Diabetes, COPD, Heart Disease, etc:

Run by our specially trained nursing staff, here we provide a service for all of our patients with specific chronic diseases.  Our nursing staff, with the co-operation of the patient, will aim to achieve the best possible control of their condition.

These clinics are held at both surgeries and are by appointment only.  Referral to these clinics is done by the GP; our clinical co-ordinators are responsible for the organisation of these clinics and to ensure patients with these illnesses are reviewed as necessary.

To contact the clinical co-ordinators: Telephone: 01224-846964.

Minor Operation Clinics:

Dr Stewart and Dr Cooper currently perform minor operations including toenail surgery, mole removal, cyst removal, etc.  These operations are all performed under local anaesthetic.  This service removes the need for our patients to wait for hospital appointments for these minor procedures.  Appointments can be organised via your usual doctor.  Please note these clinics are held at the Jesmond Surgery only.