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Other Services

Childhood Immunisations:

We advise and encourage that all children should be immunised according to the current national guidelines. This involves immunisations at ages 2, 3, and 4 months; age 12 months, age 13 months, age 4 years, and age 15 years.  Full details of the current immunisation recommendations can be found here.

Foreign Travel Services:

Our practice nurses will be pleased to advise you on the injections needed for travel to any part of the world, along with other relevant information such as precautions to take about drinking water and similar matters.  Please see our Travel Information Page for further details

NB. Not all vaccinations for foreign travel are covered under the NHS.  Some vaccinations will attract a private fee.

Please remember if you book a late holiday it may be too short notice for the practice to provide you with a travel risk assessment appointment.  If this is the case we would advise you to consult with one of the private health clinics who can offer an on-the-day service.

Maternity Care:

We offer shared care with the staff of Aberdeen Maternity Hospital. We have attached midwives and run regular antenatal clinics.  If you are newly pregnant please contact the surgery to make an appointment directly with the midwife for a booking appointment. Please ensure you start taking Folic Acid (obtainable from your local pharmacist) as early as possible.

Minor Surgery:

Various small operations conducted under local anaesthetic are undertaken at our Jesmond Drive premises.  This service has proved to be beneficial to our patients as this removes the need to wait for a hospital appointment.

Elderly Screening Service:

If you are over 75 years of age you will be offered an annual assessment on health and lifestyle issues.  This may be done either by questionnaire, at the surgery or during a home visit.

Screening Services:

As part of our on-going screening processes, you may be invited to attend the surgery even if you are not ill.  For example:

For more detail regarding National screening programmes please click here.

Non-NHS Work

Most of the services provided within the practice are free under the National Health Service.  However certain examinations/reports are not covered  by the NHS.  FEES ARE CHARGED FOR NON-NHS WORK.

Examples of Non-NHS work include:

Why do GP’s sometimes charge fees?  For more information please click the link.

Our current price list for these services can be obtained from Reception or from our Practice Administrator or by clicking the link. Private Charges details